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Facebook Getting In The Way Of Happiness

From an article someone else wrote:

“Think back to the last time you spent the day doing better things than checking your notifications. Didn’t it feel like a great weight lifting from not only your thumb and index finger, but also your soul?

That feeling is no coincidence. Spending less time on Facebook might be just as important for your health as eating right. Social media’s got its place for staying in touch, but it’s become so much more — and so much less — thanks to ad saturation, oversharers, and idiots in their natural habitat.

Over the years, many studies have shown that Facebook is running you down mentally, and this past year saw a boom in “Facebook is bad for you” research. Now if only you could just… deactivate… that account…”

To read the rest of the article, click here:


Can I distract you with photos?

Here’s an idea. I can upload photos for you to view, which you might find enjoyable in your de-Facebooking process.

Maybe you can do the same on your blog, and add tags like “de-facebooking” or “get away from Facebook”, or whatever else you think might be helpful in leading others away from the old bad habit. As you’re doing that, you’re doing something other than scrolling through Facebook, and that’s a good thing!

Who knows – someday, Facebook might go the way of MySpace and become a thing that makes people say, “Hmm… I’ve heard of that word, but am not familiar with what it actually was.”

View from a kayak on Pavilion Lake, part way between Cache Creek and Lillooet, BC

Why I Hate Facebook

Another blogger said it well, so I’ll just share a link for their post, below, with the first few paragraphs copied here:

Why do I hate the book of faces? Mainly, because it makes me like humans less.

If it were not for Facebook, I would not have known how many people I know in real life are racists, anti-government extremists, or science deniers.

If it were not for Facebook, I wouldn’t have known that the majority of adults don’t know the difference between to and too, here and hear, and there and their.

Before Facebook, I thought people were more creative than they are. But I can scroll through two days-worth of posts without finding an original sentence, or even an original photo.

So, you want to quit Facebook?

So, you want to quit Facebook? Or maybe you already have. You’ve come to the right place.

I created this blog for people like you who share my frustration with the social media giants that seem to do more harm than good for the average user.

As I find information that I think might be helpful for those of us who want to avoid Facebook, I will add it. Please feel free to share anything you find helpful in that regard, too. If you would like me to feature it in its own blog post, I’d be happy to give you the credit for having found or written it, or if you prefer to be anonymous, I’m fine with that, too.