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Addicted to their phones

And then there are those people who are so addicted to Facebook, and to their smartphones in general, that they passively scroll through memes and ingest official-looking videos mindlessly for hours, not caring that they are neglecting their families, not noticing the dark and disrespectful degree to which their speech has sunk, not realizing what a parrot they’ve become as they repeat the conspiracy theories and the fearmongering and the hatred to anyone without earplugs inserted.

“I’m researching,” they say.

“I’m educating myself. I need to be informed so ‘they’ don’t come to my door to take me away.”


Yeah, tighten your tinfoil hat there, Bud. If you have a wife, I doubt you will for long.


Trend of going without Facebook

I am happily off of Facebook. I’ve never been trendy, but I’m noticing that it’s become a trend in society to avoid Facebook.

I went without a phone for the first half of the 1990s in the wilderness of Alaska. I learned to adapt. I can easily go without a social media site.

Facebook? We don’t need no steenkin’ Facebook!

The following link is an article on some people’s choices to leave Facebook: